About Kid Rip's Tap & Tavern

Our Promise to You

Kids Rip’s Tap and Tavern is dedicated to our father, but it is here for you. We have taken every care to create an environment for you to unwind, relax, laugh, eat and drink. It is with great honor and dedication that we bring you a diverse line of craft beers, deliciously prepared food and an inviting atmosphere.

Because at Kid Rip’s we knock ourselves out to please you.


Why Kid Rip’s?

We wanted to create Kid Rip’s as a memory to our Father and the type of man he was. He was a good man, the kind of man you wanted to spend time with and you knew he wanted to spend time with you. Kid Rip’s is a place where you are welcomed with family and friends. Stop in for a minute, sit down and grab a bite to eat, or take something out. We treat everyone like family.

Who was Kid Rip?

Believe it or not, Kid Rip was a tattoo on our fathers arm. Kid Rip was a boxer too, but the tattoo became synonymous with our father. Kid Rip did not become a champion, but, to us, our father was a champion. So, throughout our fathers life he became known as Kid Rip. He was always a man of his word and provided support to help anyone be their best.

Kid Rip’s Dedication

You know… there are people you meet throughout your life that are unforgettable!! Whether it’s something you learned from them, something they taught you, something they said, something they did or simply that person… just being a unique character that has touched your life!!!

We have had the privilege to have met that man… he is a mentor, a coach, a trainer, a friend, an Army Veteran, a husband, a brother, an uncle, a grandfather, a godfather… you may have called him Cheech or Kid Rip… We simply got to call him DAD!!!